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Fire Marshal's Office


The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for all aspects relating to code enforcement in our existing buildings and facilities and for all new development, construction, and permitting services. This also includes ensuring our communities are reducing risk during special events and similar activities through enforcement of the fire code.

In addition to those services, the Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for investigating all fires, explosions, and hazardous materials incidents for the origin, cause, and circumstances resulting in the incident. The Fire Marshal’s Office also creates and maintains pre-incident plans of our commercial buildings to aid emergency responders in their mitigation of incidents.


Wellington Fire Protection District's Fire Marshal's Office reviews plans as a proactive step to identify any potential problems or code violations and ensure compliance with the relevant adopted fire codes and standards.  Before the Fire Prevention Division can issue a permit, the applicant proposing the structure, system, building modification or operation, must submit plans for review. 

Deputy Fire Marshal

Special Events
This application is for a permit to conduct a special event as required by Chapter 1, Section 105 of the International Fire Code. Special events include, but are not limited to: carnivals and/or fairs; liquid or gas fueled vehicles in assembly buildings; places of assembly; hazardous procedures (including open flames) within assembly occupancies; and/or multiple tents/canopies with a combined area in excess of 200 square feet for tents and/or 400 square feet for canopies.

Mobile Food Vendors

Burn Permits

Wellington Fire Protection District's Deputy Fire Marshal evaluates applications for potential fire safety issues, while the health department evaluates air quality issues that can impact human health. A Specialty Burn Permit must be obtained for conducting agricultural ditch burns, weed control, bon fires, or other fires containing non-prohibited materials.


Misc. Forms and Docs
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