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Special Events

The application for a permit to conduct a special event as required by Chapter 1, Section 105 of the International Fire Code.  A WFPD Special Event permit is required for any event which temporarily deviates from normal use of the building/site and outdoor location. Examples of a Special Event include receptions, reunions, celebrations, exhibits, buildings, block parties, festivals, parades, etc. If the planned attendance is for fifty (50) or more people, the event will require a WFPD permit. (2018 IFC Amended 105.6.36)

In additional to a WFPD permit, other permits or documentation may be required for the special event. Fireworks, mobile food vendors, tents, membrane structures both temporary and permanent require additional permits and inspections. The Town of Wellington and Larimer County have separate special event applications and requirements that must be submitted for the WFPD Special Event application to be processed or considered.

A special event permit must be submitted at least sixty days PRIOR to the event date. Applications that are submitted with less than sixty days may be subject to additional review fees or denial.

Permit Requirements:

Printable Documents

Special Events  Application
Special Events and Tents Fees (PDF)

WFPD Special Event Guidelines

2022 PowerPoint Update Presentation

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