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Richard Bolinger

 I  recently retired from the City of Fresno Fire Department after 18 years of service.  First as a firefighter, then spending my last years as a Driver-operator/ apparatus engineer.


Before my employment with the City of Fresno Fire Department, I worked as an electrical contractor for ten years. This year I will be celebrating 30 years with my wife.  We have two wonderful kids.  Our daughter is married and lives in Arizona. And our son lives here in Colorado. I enjoy working on my classic 1972 pick-up, woodworking and growing my farm during my free time.  At this time, it includes chickens, turkeys, and some sheep.  I want to add some pigs and more chickens this spring. 


Wellington Firefighters endorse me because I believe in the following:

  • Improved oversight of taxpayer funds

  • Accountability for fire, rescue, and emergency medical service delivery through objective, fact-based service evaluation.

  • Improved public engagement- this is your fire department: community sentiment and feedback matter.

  • Improved firefighter safety and wellness


For more information, give me a call at 970-329-2678 or email me at


Thank you for considering Rick Bollinger for the Wellington Fire Board.

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