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John Alexander Hunter

I am a Wellington native and reside in this wonderful community with my wife, Mindy, and three young children.  I grew up on a family farm and learned how to run a  successful business.


My military career began in 2010, and I have served worldwide and currently serve as a Section Chief.

After playing football in college,  I worked for C&S Supply,  building, rebuilding, and testing wildland firefighting equipment.  I also was a marketing representative for this small company, sharpening my personal and customer relationship skills.   In my various professions, I have been responsible for multimillion-dollar budgets. 

Now my family spends much of its time at a hockey rink or sporting events such as CSU football or finding adventure outdoors. 


Wellington Firefighters endorse me because I believe in the following:

  • Improved oversight of taxpayer funds

  • Accountability for fire, rescue, and emergency medical service delivery through objective, fact-based service evaluation.

  • Improved public engagement- this is your fire department: community sentiment and feedback matter.

  • Improved firefighter safety and wellness


For more information, give me a call at 970-329-2246 or email me at

Thank you for considering John Alexander Hunter for the Wellington Fire Board.

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