Special Events

This application is for a permit to conduct a special event as required by Chapter 1, Section 105 of the International Fire Code.  Special events include, but are not limited to:  outdoor assembly event where planned attendance exceeds 50 persons; carnivals and/or fairs; liquid or gas fueled vehicles in assembly buildings; places of assembly; hazardous procedures (including open flames) within assembly occupancies; and/or multiple tents/canopies with a combined area in excess of 200 square feet for tents and/or 400 square feet for canopies.

Permit Requirements:

  • Completed application with a description of the event. The description shall include activities to be conducted, starting and ending times for the event, and date(s) of the event.

  • A plot plan for the event.

  • Permit fees will be based off the Fee Schedule.

  • An inspection of the site, prior to start of the event, by a Wellington Fire Department Inspector.

Printable Documents

Special Events  Application
Special Events and Tents Fees (PDF)