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Wellington Fire Protection District

Official Job Description


Position Status: Full-time Reports to: Company Officer

Supervises: None

Compensation: $20.74/hr. – $22.18/hr.


This position entails extensive maintenance duties including but not limited to daily preventative maintenance on various apparatus and equipment. Operating under the supervision of the Fire Chief, s/he it's responsible for ensuring the safety, response readiness, and operating reliability of all firefighting apparatus and equipment assigned to their station.

S/he Is responsible for safely driving and operating firefighting apparatus en route 2 and on the scene of different types of emergencies. Perform firefighting, rescue and basic life supports procedures in a generally safe and efficient manner and in accordance with all local and state protocols, administrative procedures, rules and regulations. Work in the treatment of the sick and injured, specific rescue operations, combating extinguishing and preventing fires. Work in emergency conditions that may involve extreme danger and exertion under hazardous conditions (flames, smoke, hazardous materials, cramped conditions, charged or oxygen deficient atmospheres, down power lines, gas leaks, victims with severe injuries and death, in inclement weather ---among others).


a. Respond to and operate assigned apparatus at alarms of fire or other emergencies in accordance with established policies and procedures.

b. Provide inspection of department apparatus and equipment to ensure reliable and safe operations.

c. Maintenance and testing of hose, ladders, rescue equipment, fire pumps, miscellaneous hand tools, etc.

d. Provide firefighting, rescue, and basic life support as necessary at emergency scenes.

e. Assist in the removal of victims from dangerous situations.

f. Use hose, nozzles and other appliances to create and direct effective fire streams; Raise, climb and effectively work from ladders; Use fire extinguishers, forcible entry tools, ropes, lights, access, saws, extrication tools, and other equipment safely and in accordance with established policies and procedures.

g. Participate in the exchange of information between off-going and on-coming shifts and in crew meetings as necessary.

h. Prepare complete and accurate records/reports related to emergency operations, emergency medical care, vehicle operations, fire prevention, and other required documentation provided during the operational period.

i. Maintain familiarity with maps, response areas, occupancies, target hazards and related road networks within the district and general knowledge of those areas within mutual aid response agreements. j. Participate in all assigned trainings, meetings, and events. k. Participate in fire company inspections, pre-fire planning, public education and fire investigation duties as necessary. l. Assist with various projects and programs as assigned. m. Communicate effectively among assigned personnel, other district employees and volunteers, employees of other agencies and governments, and the general public in a manner necessitated by the position and the circumstances. n. Required to maintain health, fitness and successfully meet all department physical capability testing required on an annual basis. o. Performs all duties and responsibilities, and maintains all requirements as described in firefighter job description. p. Perform other job-related duties consistent with assigned division responsibilities and the mission of the Wellington Fire Protection District.


Shall possess a high school diploma or GED and preferably at least sixty credit hours of undergraduate study from an accredited institution of higher education.

Shall successfully pass any District/Division required written and/ or oral examinations prior to employment.

Shall successfully pass a District/ Division physical agility test prior to employment.

Knowledge of prehospital patient care for basic life support.

Knowledge of fire suppression and prevention methods, procedures and techniques.

Ability to communicate both verbally and in writing; Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions.

Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with employees, volunteers and management.

Ability to effectively perform prolonged strenuous work under adverse emergency conditions involving physical and mental stress.

Ability to learn and efficiently operate firefighting equipment.

Ability to think clearly and use independent judgment in routine and non-routine situations which may occur.

Excellent physical condition and the ability to pass a physical examination an initial drug screening (post offer).

Ability to pass an approved background examination (post offer.)


A valid state of Colorado driver’s license or district accepted alternative.

State of Colorado EMT-B or higher

AHA CPR Provider

Colorado State IFSAC/ ProBoard Firefighter I

Colorado State IFSAC/ ProBoard Hazmat Awareness & Operations

Colorado State IFSAC/ ProBoard Firefighter II

Colorado State IFSAC/ ProBoard Driver Operator Utility

Colorado State IFSAC/ ProBoard Driver Operator Pumper

NIMS 100, 200, 700 & 800

NWCG or equivalent S130, S190*

2 years as a Career Firefighter

Completion of WFPD Support Apparatus task book.

Completion of WFPD Engineer task book

Engineer Academy


Must be able to wear all assigned personal protective equipment and perform related emergency scene duties effectively and efficiently.

Must be able to frequently lift and carry heavy weights (45 lbs. or more), Climb, walk, run, drive vehicles, crawl, stoop, push, jump, grasp and manipulate small objects, maintain balance on variable footing, and use other emergency and firefighting equipment as required.

Must possess good vision and hearing.

The job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and the employee and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change. Employment Application

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