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Mobile Food Vendor

In order to operate safely and legally, all mobile vendors that have a fuel source must be inspected and approved by Wellington Fire Protection District. A fuel source includes but may not be limited to a generator and LPG (propane) container. Additionally, all cooking that produces grease vapors must have a Type I kitchen hood with an automatic suppression system.

These requirements are enforced locally and across the country, and are from the International Fire Code and NFPA standards. The term “mobile vendors” includes enclosed trucks, vans, pull-behind trailers and push carts. It also includes vendors whose operations include sales other than food.

New in 2021 is a reciprocity program that includes all fire departments in Larimer County that are inspecting food trucks, as well as three neighboring fire departments in Weld County. When a mobile vendor obtains a fire permit, the permit is accepted at all participating fire departments through Dec. 31, 2021. The vendor pays only one fee for a permit that is good at all seven participating fire departments. These fire departments joined together to make the process easier for the mobile vendors, and Larimer County is the only county in the state currently offering the fire department reciprocity.

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